J.W. Mason and Lauren Melodia Recent Writings on Inflation and the Federal Reserve

No Maestros: Further Thoughts. J.W. Mason (February 2022)

The Real Secret of Central Banking: There Are No Maestros. Barron’s, J.W. Mason (January 2022)

Inflation Is Bad. But Mass Unemployment Would Have Been Worse. Washington Post, J.W. Mason and Lauren Melodia (November 2021)

Alternative Visions of Inflation. J.W. Mason (July 2021)

Rethinking Inflation Policy: A Toolkit for Economic Recovery. Roosevelt Institute, J.W. Mason and Lauren Melodia (October 2021)

Taryn Fivek on Inflation and Class Conflict

Taryn Fivek, a lecturer at the John Jay College Economics program, has a new article up on the relationship between inflation and class conflict, asking “Why then, is inflation weighing so heavily on the minds of mainstream economists?” Fivek makes a case that inflation fearmongering disguises the class conflict that is really at the heart of our economic situation.

Michelle Holder named president of Equitable Growth

Associate professor Michelle Holder has been named president and CEO of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Founded in 2013, the 40-person organization conducts research and provides grants to promote broad-based economic growth. Holder replaces outgoing president Heather Boushey, now a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisors.